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Driven tool holders


Let us convince you of the advantages of our Driven Tool Holders, given below.

  • Tool holder customized to the envelope dimensions of a specific machine.
  • the sleek design of the base body consisting of one part.
  • Very rigid bearing fitting via tapered roller bearings.
  • Specially design and developed and patented seals to minimize heat generation.
  • All wearing parts are treated hardened and ground.
  • All products are pre-tested and preset with a suitable interface and delivered with a certificate.
  • And many more advantages

We offer driven tool holders for the following applications: 1-BMT 2-VDI

BMT advantages for customers at a glance

We offer tool holders for a wide range of machine tool interfaces of all machine tool manufacturers on the basis of screwed-on holders. Choose between static or driven tool holders depending on your needs. With our VDI tool holders, you receive a product of the highest quality that, depending on the design, has the following technical features, among others:

  • PRECI-FLEX┬« adaptation system which uses the standard ER collet chuck pocket as base
  • Various coupling types, depending on turret type (e.g. DIN 5480, DIN 1809, etc.)
  • Alignment aid, depending on the machine tool manufacturer
  • Double Taper roller bearing system as a standard


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Driven tool holders

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