Tatsuno recognizes after sales service as a critical component of its business and ensures that customers receive service of as high a quality and reliability as with the equipment we supply. Our commitment towards timely, reliable and safe services is unstinting. Tatsuno India has a team of around 100 field engineers with vast experience in installation, commissioning and maintenance of petroleum equipment. 


Tatsuno is an expert in thermoplastic welding and installing a wide range of high-performance plastic pipes and fittings. We manufacture pipes that meet the standards and requirements of SABS ISO 4427.


Tatsuno is a one stop solution provider for the maintenance of all facilities at retail outlets like diesel generators, electrical & plumbing, tire inflators, civil works,signage, etc.


The Tatsuno underground fuel tank cleaning system uses equipment that can be used with ease, is safe, takes much less time, and is mounted on a vehicle making it mobile. We also provide AMC for cleaning different fuel tanks and making sure the asset and people are as safe as possible with the least amount of downtime.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes fuel dispensers?

Tatsuno India Private Limited is a leading fuel dispensing pump manufacturer in Mumbai, Maharashtra India.

What is fuel dispensing system?

A fuel dispensing system is a machine that dispenses fuel, such as gasoline or diesel, into the fuel tank of a vehicle. It typically consists of a pump, meter, hose, and nozzle that are connected to a fuel storage tank. The pump moves the fuel from the tank to the nozzle where the driver of the vehicle inserts the nozzle into the vehicle's fuel tank and operates the pump to dispense the fuel. The meter measures the amount of fuel dispensed and calculates the cost based on the price per gallon or liter.

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