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Cooler Plates, Tip Castings, Dip Tubes, Conical Liners, Blow Bars manufacturer for cement, petroleum, steel plant


Business Type: Manufacturer, Supplier

SMARCO Industries Pvt LTD is started in the year 2006 initially Mining of Quartz Sand and Resin-coated Sand supplying to all Automobile Foundries.

We have our own quartz mines in Hyderabad. We mine crush quartz sand and also we make resin-coated quartz sand As a forward integration, the group started a Steel Foundry in 2010 at Hyderabad (A.P.)

SMARCO Industries Pvt LTD Unit – II

the company established is in the main city of Hyderabad which is 40kms., from Railway Station and 35kms., from AirPort. SMARCO is producing Steel and Alloy Steel Castings mainly catering to the industries of Cement Plants, petrochemicals, Pumps, Valves, and Sponge Iron Plants. In Cement Plants, we are producing Cooler Plates, Tip Castings, Dip Tubes, Conical Liners, Blow Bars for various Cement Plants.

SMARCO is also having Centrifugal Castings manufacturing facilities producing the pipe dia ranging from 50mm to 600mm dia and length are 590mm. The company is headed by a team of highly qualified/dedicated and experienced persons in this field of Steel Foundry. The Promoter is also the Metallurgist, worked 18 years in MNC before starting this unit.

This new foundry Established within a short span has developed so many new items in various grades as per the customer’s requirement and successfully produced the Castings for the above industries in material specifications like Stainless steel, heat resistant steel, Ni-Hard, etc..

SMARCO Industries Pvt LTD is producing 45MT to 50MT per month and the weight of a single piece is 450 kgs. max. and in a cast or machined condition as per the customer’s requirement.

We are also producing 15 to 20MT Centrifugal Castings in Stainless Steel and Ni-base Alloys including C-276 for Petrochemical, refining, Cement, boiler, Pump industry, sponge iron, and Pig iron Plants.


  • Steel and Alloy Steel Castings
  • Pumps
  • Valves and Sponge
  • Cooler Plates,
  • Tip Castings,
  • Dip Tubes,
  • Conical Liners,
  • Blow Bars
  • 15 to 20MT Stainless Steel Centrifugal Castings
  • 15 to 20MT Ni-base Alloys Centrifugal Castings 

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