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Manufacturer & Supplier of Conventional Truck, Tipplers Container, Tilters Hydraulic Container, Loaders Rotating Type Truck


Business Type: Manufacturer, Supplier

SKS Engineering Works was established in the year 2013, The company is located in Faridabad, Haryana, India. We are an expertly overseen group in the capable initiative of its executive, who is respected as the wizard of the Truck Drunkard innovation situation in the country. Throughout the long term, since its beginning, SKS has had a head
the get-together of Mass Material Dumping Gear by temperance of constant innovation up-degree and development as per clients’ necessities. 

SKS Truck Drunkards are adequately acting in various types of adventures from one side of the planet to the other for the mass material unloading at various objections in India and abroad for Sugar Production lines, Power Plant, Paper Processing plants, Substantial Plants, Steel Plants, Engineered Plants, PE Granules, Polymer Ventures, Food Dealing with Plants/Agro Organizations, etc.


  •  Regular Truck Alcoholics
  • Holder Tilters
  • Pressure-driven Holder Loaders 
  • Turning Type Truck Alcoholics 
  • Truck Tilters
  • Pressure-driven Truck Unloader
  • Pressure-driven Chamber
  • Scissor Lift 
  • Pressure-driven Power Packs
  • Truck Tilter with Wheel
  • Truck Tilter with Lift

With our marvelous facilitated tasks association, we can furnish squeezing and gigantic necessities of the buyers easily. For the safeguarded amassing of the entire part, we have a broad and extremely coordinated dissemination community. Also, the ordinary up-degree in the stockroom is done to meet the advancing circumstance.

Holder Tilters

Our holder tilters are seen as very important in compartment stacking and unloading. These filters decrease coming to and winding around however limit the potential outcomes of back issues.

Nuances :

Benefits of holder unloader – Safeguarded, Strong, and Easy To Use machine.

Water-driven Compartment Loaders

SKS Water is a driven Compartment loader that is useful for stacking material to 20ft/40ft. compartment. This model has a one-of-a-kind water-driven plan to get the compartment in its circumstance. This model is available from the 30 T to 60 T limit.

Turning Type Truck Heavy drinkers

Assessment and arranging of creative things are energy at India SKS and new things and advancements go hand to hand. Our turning type truck lush has set a model for others concerning our understanding and has changed the unloading of the accumulated stick, which is a huge activity inside the sugar

Truck Tilters

Simply extreme and different quality tests, we embrace and assure the best conceivable degree of nature of our things. Arranged and made using premium crude parts and current work methodologies; we guarantee incredible standards and life expectancy of our things. In like manner, we guarantee that the regular substance is gotten from trusted in places.

Water-controlled Truck Unloader

SKS Standard Boozer is a material managing contraption used in projects for unloading Sugar sticks, Lime Stone, Coal Silica, etc. The Alcoholic is forever raised close by the carrier or holder, Stacked Truck (6/10/12 wheeled) is first invited onto the Boozer stage. The truck is then capably trapped to the front wheels.

Water fueled Chamber

We offer Water fueled Chambers for various current applications from 50 mm to 300 mm hung on for a stroke length of up to 4 meters and as indicated by drawings and judgments given by clients. Water-driven Chambers are used in different present-day and planning applications. We offer Water controlled Chambers watching out.

Scissor Lift

We convey an outstandingly useful Scissor Lift that is exceptionally famous for keeping watch. The SKS Scissors Lift is a changed material dealing with contraptions with a load limit starting from 300 kg to 3000 kg and a lifting level of 1 meter to 5 meters. First-class crude substances and parts used by their producers make our scissors.

Pressure-drove Power Packs

We manufacture an extent of standard power packs and particularly developed units which incorporate a vault, fundamental siphon and motor unit, help valve, sifter, level pointer, and filler breather. Units are available with electric motor cutoff points, going from 1.1kW.

Truck Tilter with Wheel

India SKS truck unloaders on wheels are material managing machines used in purging the stacked truck of sugar sticks, rocks, etc. The truck is first placed on the heavy drinker, trapped to the front wheels, screens of the lush help the truck’s rear wheels, and a short time later the truck is moved at 60 degrees.

Truck Tilter with Lift

This model requires a direct floor for dashing its base and no profound over-top normal foundation is required. This unloader can be relocated to another spot as per required. No Pit is supposed to be made. Available in 30T as far as possible.

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