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Pressure Vessels and Storage Tanks, Tube Assemblies, Industrial Silencers and Mufflers Manufactures


Business Type: Manufacturer, Supplier

ROCHI ENGINEERS PVT LTD PUNE manufactures and delivers high-quality products, on-time through close collaboration with business partners and a focus on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.


  • Pressure Vessels
  • Storage Tanks
  • Receivers and Dryers
  • Tube Assemblies
  • Industrial Silencers and Mufflers

1-Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessels are containers designed to hold gases or liquids at a pressure substantially different from the ambient pressure. They are the largest component most tools and machinery need in order to function efficiently.

ROCHI ENGINEERS PVT LTD is a specialist in the fabrication of pressure vessels for compressor techniques. ROCHI pressure vessels are manufactured to ASME standards. Critical pressure testing of these products is carried out in-house. ROCHI pressure vessels, used as oil separators, find a wide range of use in industrial compressors and construction equipment.

2-Receivers and Dryers

ROCHI Air receivers are used to store compressed air. The receiver prevents the compressor from running in a continuous run cycle and allows the compressed air to cool. It saves on energy costs and increases the life of the compressor. Our receivers are ideal for high-pressure applications.

Air dryers eliminate moisture completely, increase the reliability of production equipment and improve the quality of finished goods. ROCHI weld modules for dryers are widely used in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, and medical and healthcare services.

3-Storage Tanks

ROCHI Industrial storage tanks are containers used for the storage of gas, oil, water, or chemicals.

We design and manufacture above-ground industrial storage tanks. Our storage tanks are used to store any non-toxic liquid and find applications in the storage of fuels, water, and oil. These tanks are manufactured as per ASME, ISO 12285-1, and 12285-2 specifications. ROCHI High Temperature/Low Temperature combined tanks for large engines are put to use as cooling water reservoirs for power plants. Critical processes such as welding are done to these standards. Pressure testing of these products is also done in-house.

Industries Served

  • Infrastructure
  • Construction
  • Power generation
  • Industrial manufacturing

Capacity Range

  • Diameter: From 200 mm to 2,000 mm
  • Shell Thickness: up to 10 mm
  • Length: up to 6,000 mm
  • Nominal Pressure: up to 50 Bar
  • Material: Carbon steel and BQ-Steel

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