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KMP Ayurveda was created with the vision to educate and guide people about the truth of Ayurveda. The journey of KMP Ayurveda started with a thirst for knowledge about Ayurveda and how it can be disseminated among the masses.

An understanding and affection for old Ayurvedic ability prompted the initiation of an expansive brand called KMP Ayurvedic. The results of KMP Ayurvedic are handled by Edible Products India Ltd, arranged at Paikpara, Kolkata. The organization knows about philosophies of integrating extravagant and reviewed Edible oil for the last 36 radiant years. Because of the great prevalence, the organization chose to venture into a vertical combination that made a scope of protection Ayurvedic individual consideration items. The name, KMP Ayurvedic was presented in August 2017 as a one-stop answer for different hair oils, which included Amla, Jasmine, Cool, Extra cool, and Coconut oils. Inside and out information on homegrown science is dominated by the makers of KMP Ayurvedic. The advancement of the venture up to this point has been excellent seeing the solid existence of clients. This starting to improve the existence of Ayurveda supporters makes certain to yield extraordinary outcomes in not so distant future.


• The excellent motivation behind our group is to zero in on the sober-minded side of item dealings. This will increase the methods of selling and furthermore fortify the firm premises.
• To breathe life into the narratives of millions of individuals across the globe worried about private consideration through a careful climate of standard and assembling confirmation.
• The more brilliant side of the retail portion can be guaranteed through giving specific consideration to the upset of items alongside better measures to deal with ware costs.
• To redesign the level of its products using an environmentally strong course that keeps in one piece protection, prosperity, and worth.
• The development in native as well as abroad business has forever been the goal of KMP Ayurvedic items. The thought is to support the spirit of the two purchasers and dealers without a doubt.
• To keep a nonstop undertaking to inspire variegation and strong turn of events, with proceeded with exploring different avenues regarding new items and appropriation methodologies.


We accept that initiative is the greatness expected to interpret development into fact. KMP Ayurvedic results have built a foundation for certitude and purchaser reliance. This has started a progression of motivating hard-working attitudes that have contributed hugely towards a long-lasting amplification. Accessibility of standout items at a sensible rate without involving a center ground of type has forever been our endeavor. This has guaranteed positive results for the purchasers. Super present-day devices have been executed by us to draw out the great arrangement of benefits for intrigued business holders. The importance of Ayurveda in Indian culture is being acknowledged since the days of yore. Our goal is to give a stage that secures itself as a manual for former Ayurveda understanding. This significant stage towards old logical learning won’t just assist us with interpreting the meaning of Ayurveda in our regular day-to-day existences yet will likewise reestablish confidence in it.


Ayurveda is the conventional Indian therapeutic framework. Its name is gotten from the Vedas, which are the sacred Hindu sacred writings. It is one of the most seasoned all-encompassing clinical practices. Ayurveda utilizes an assortment of spices and organic concentrates that assist with restoring various sicknesses. It has one of the most seasoned careful practices on the planet.

As of late, numerous new items have been sent off that incorporate every one of the advantages of Ayurveda. This is on the grounds that Ayurveda and science have been intertwined bringing about the compelling mixture of both.

KMP Ayurvedic intends to be the one-stop answer for all your normal and ayurvedic items. Find our wide range of Ayurvedic items for Hair Care, Pain Relief and Skin Care. Peruse on to discover their fixings, advantages, and techniques for use.


Business Type Manufacturer, Supplier

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