Single super phosphate

single super phosphate (SSP) is the name itself SSP is the most popular phosphatic fertilizer after DAP as it contains 3 major plant nutrients namely Sulphur, Phosphorus and Calcium.

SSP contain mostly three contains Phosphorus, Sulphur and Calcium along with traces of many micro-nutrients.

Single Super Phosphate Formula

1-Phosphoric Acid (P2O5)- 4.0% (Max.)
2-Water soluble phosphate (P2O5)- 14% (Min
3-Sulphur (S)- 11% (Min.)

Khaitan Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd India largest manufacturer of SSP in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh( Khargone ), Chhattisgarh (Rajnandgaon), Rajasthan(Chittorgarh), and Gujarat(Bharuch). with production 11,13,500 MT capacity.

The Company Mainly Produces fertilizer that is available in popular brand names

Khaitan ssp – Powder & Granulated

Utsav ssp – Powder & Granulated

Our production facility is state of art and full automation and well equipped with all ultra-modern machinery in India.

ssp is Sulphur containing fertilizer Its mainly used in agriculture in India


the broadly main use of SSP in Agriculture is to promote root formation and helps in improving root growth and development which most important for the uptake of plant nutrient and water

Frequently Ask Question

What is the formula of single super phosphate?

As per chemical composition, the Chemical Formula is CaH6O8P2+2

What is single superphosphate a mixture of?

Single superphosphate Popularly Known as SSP is a mixture of calcium phosphate, and calcium sulfate.

Is DAP and super phosphate the same?

DAP-Diammonium Phosphate,
superphosphate comes in Three Name called MAP,TAP, SSP
1-MAP-Monoammonium Phosphate
2-TAP-Triple Super Phosphate
3-SSP-Single Super Phosphate

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