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EHV transformers ranging between 100KVA /11KV ,electrical transformer, distribution transformers manufacturers
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GST: 33AAACI5775P1Z2

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Indo Tech Transformers Ltd, established in 1976 and company is one of the leading transformer manufacturing Companies situated in Southern India with two manufacturing facilities spread between Kancheepuram & Thirumazhisai in Chennai Tamil Nadu.

Indo Tech Transformers Ltd company profile

company Indotech Transformers serves Over 56000 Transformers of different load ratings are in service in various Substations and Industries in  India and around the world.

The Company’s various facilities are established keeping in mind that Indotech Transformers is the best available infrastructure and state-of-the-art equipment. The (EHV) Extra High Voltage transformers facility is totally clean and dust-free to enable the manufacture of transformers under very sterile clean conditions.

The test facilities located at different facilities are capable of carrying out all routine and special tests as required by various national and international standards.

we serve many state Govt, Power generation Companies Such as Tamil Nadu Electricity Board(TNEB).

Indo Tech Transformers Ltd is engaged in the business of manufacturing distribution and power transformers, and various special application transformers, sub-stations, and mobile sub-station transformers. The Company’s products include power transformers, large power transformers, distribution transformers,  and special transformers.


Indotech Transformers manufactures power transformers ranging between 33 kilovolts to 31.5 megavolt amperes/5 megavolt amperes/132 kilovolts. It manufactures OVDT transformers ranging between 11 kilovolts and 2,500 kilo-volt-amperes/100 kilo-volt-amperes/22 kilovolts Class.

The Company manufactures distribution transformers ranging between 11 kilovolts and 3,150 kilo-volt-amperes/100 kilo-volt-amperes/33 kilovolts. Its transformers are supplied for applications ranging from transmission and distribution generation to power. The Company’s manufacturing plants are located at Kancheepuram, Chennai in Tamil Nadu.

Indotech Transformers Products

  1. Distribution Transformers
  2. Power Transformers
  3. Large Power Transformers
  4. Skid Mounted Substations Transformers
  5. electrical transformer
  6. distribution transformer

Indotech Transformers manufacture a wide range of Distribution Transformers suitable for use in industries and  Utilities. Distribution Transformers ranging between 11KV/100KVA to up to 33KV/5000KVA with various options and features are designed custom-made as per customers’ requirements. All These transformers are manufactured at our Kancheepuram plant.

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Survey No.153-210 Illuppapattu Village Near Rajakulam Kancheepuram District Bangalore Highway – 631561, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

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Monday - 9:00 am to 6:00 Pm
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