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Manufacturers and service provider of Induction hardening machines, Tube welders Melting and forging equipment
CIN: U31109KA1991PTC011854
Business Type: Manufacturer, Service provider, Supplier
EFD INDUCTION PVT LTD, company Leading businesses of Manufacturers and services provider of induction heating systems, heating coil, induction hardening machines, induction brazing machines, tube welder machines, melting and forging machines from Bengaluru.
we have been developing induction heating solutions for almost 70 years. Today, we are one of the world’s largest industrial induction equipment makers, with sales and service companies, manufacturing plants, workshops, and product development centers in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.
EFD Induction designs build, installs, and maintains a complete range of induction heating equipment. We have more than 20,000 installations in 80 countries for a wide range of industrial applications—bringing the benefits of induction technology to many of the world’s leading manufacturing and service companies.


Our induction heating solutions can be profitably used in virtually any industrial application that requires heat. EFD Induction Hardening Machine is widely used in the automobile industry and Our equipment is generally used in metal and foundry, tube and pipe, wire and cable, aviation, shipbuilding, HVAC, oil and gas, power generation, appliances, and electrotechnical industries.


 The key benefits of induction heating are improved throughput, better and consistent quality, and reduced costs. Induction heating is incredibly quick. It takes less than one second to achieve a uniform surface temperature of 1,000°C on small metal components. It is accurate, repeatable, safe, and controllable, and it requires a minimum of energy.

EFD Induction Pvt Ltd has unrivaled knowledge of applications as diverse as annealing, bonding, brazing, curing, forging, shrink-fitting, hardening, straightening, tempering, welding, and melting, plasma, optical fiber, and glass. To ensure our metallurgists and engineers are top experts, we have built our own research labs.


  1. HardLine: Induction hardening machines

  2. Minac: Mobile induction heating equipment

  3. Sinac: Stationary induction heating systems

  4. Weldac: Tube welders

  5. Melting and forging equipment

  6. HeatLine: Induction heaters

  7. Induction Brazing Machines

  8. Induction heating machines for brazing

  9. Seam normalizing systems

  10. Induction heating system for deck and bulkhead straightening

  11. Induction heating system for straightening

  12. Induction heating system for bolt expansion

  13. Induction heating system for coating removal

  14. Induction heating equipment for cable and wire heating

  15. Induction heating system for wire and cable

  16. Induction coils

  17. Rental and field services

CIN U31109KA1991PTC011854
Business Type Manufacturer, Service provider, Supplier

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